Titanium Recycling

We are a titanium scrap processor. Our field of expertise is titanium turnings recycling for production to ferro-titanium (FeTi).

Titanium is one of the most abandoned metals found on earth. The most complication in Titanium industry which easy visible is that it is not not findable in nature in metallic state. To process and extract the titanium in metallic form from titanium ore takes a lot of resources. All this has heavy impact on environment. The combination of these factors makes titanium production very costly. The Titanium recycling makes cost effective way to recover metallic form. This process helps the environment to reduce emissions because thet the recycling of Titanium consume much uses less energy than refining it from the titanium ore.

Titanium in molten state is highly active and is oxidizing intensively. The methodology to remove impurities forming oxides is one of the most highly requested titanium recycling technologies.

We have developed efficient technology is which removes oils and lubricants. This allow to keep gas impurities content at very low level in final product.

We purchase shavings with residues of cooling and lubricating liquids. Our suppliers represents all the world geography. The Titanium is being processed in to FeTi.

We also offer to our customers titanium turnings cleaning processing services.

The speed of processing depends of the material shape and could be up to 600 kg/h.

Titanium turnings processing steps:

  • 1. Ti turnings samples Initial assessment (shape size, thickness, impurities). Preliminary analysis, magnetic impurities, stainless content. Cleaning costs draft
  • 2. Goods receipt. Actual analysis; cleaning speed, impurities, magnetics, stainless content. Actual cleaning costs
  • 3. Shredding
  • 4. Cleaning
  • 5. Actual gas content analysis from clean samples (C, O, N)
  • 6. Packing
  • 7. Shipping

Our processing plant location:
"Saktas", Grobiņas pagasts, Grobiņa LV-3430, Latvija.
GPS P 56.52042*, E 21.19508*