Coal is a mineral of organic origin. Minerals are mined in three ways

  • - Quarry: Chosen when the rocks are shallow. They note the low quality of the coal mined by the quarry method.
  • - Mine: For mining it is necessary to build a number of underground structures. This method is expensive and unsafe.
  • - Hydraulic: High pressure fluid jets are used to destroy formations.

In the process of enrichment, coal is brought to the required dimension. There are following types of dimensions:

  • - More than 100mm - slab charcoal
  • - 50mm-100mm
  • - 26mm-50mm
  • - 13mm-25mm
  • - 6mm-13mm
  • - Less then 6mm

The Use of Coal

  • - Energy: heating boilers of thermal plants;
  • - Construction: coal is used in the process of making cement, limestone, alumina, and also-for the manufacture of roofing, cladding, wall materials;
  • - Health Care: used for removing harmful substances form the body in case of poisoning, as well as for purifying water and air.

Some Characteristics of some grade of coal:

Brands: GZh, Zh, K, KO, KSN, KS, OS
Class, mm: 0-300
Moisture (Wr)% max, dry basic: 6-10%
Ash content (Ad) % max, dry basic: 6-10%
Volatile (Vdaf) % max, dry basic: 18-32%
Sulfur (Sd) %max: 0.6%
Net calorific value, ARB 6500 kcal/kg min

Coal grades: GZhO Class, mm: 0-100
Moisture (Wr) % max, dry basic: 6-8%
Ash content (Ad) % max, dry basic: 10-15%
Volatile (Vdaf) % max, dry basic: 30-38%
Sulfur (Sd) %max: 0.6%
Net calorific value, ARB 7000 kcal/kg min